Created in , Pwnboxer is a PC only multiboxing software. You can also pair it with the Jamba Multibox addon that will manage your auto loot so you don’t get stuck with any loops of “that item is busy” etc. That’s because you need a different in-game macro per character! For each session tell Clonekeys to add a program and then click that programs window. The commands can be the same or different. I don’t personally “multibox” but I run 4 accounts. Do not post personal information.

wow multiboxing software

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Multiboxing World of Warcraft with ISBoxer

Is Jamba working with 5. The configuration process creates all the basic macros you need for multiboxing.

wow multiboxing software

You can use HotkeyNet as a simple key-broadcaster, but it can also do much more. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Lidc also features key remapping control which allows you to sogtware between 3 remapping modes: Does anyone know of any free and easy to set-up Multiboxing programs?

You can control more than one program on each PC.

wow multiboxing software

I did basically what this video offers, except I went a step further. If they’re not you can submit a ticket to Blizzard to have them removed, takes about an hour. Some of them are very easy to setup and come with good instructions on exactly how to do it. Main Navigation What is multiboxing?


Choosing multiboxing software

A keystroke can send eoftware to one character, two characters, or any number of them. For clicking on items you can keybind a mouse broadcast across all windows “mine is ALT-R” for easy access, to make this easy you would want a Setview macro that would keep all your cameras at the exact same angle, A macro such as.

Archive Privacy Statement Contact Us. Don’t forget about granting levels! ISBoxer is the only multiboxing software that provides native support for alternative input devices like Logitech G-series keyboards, X-Keys keyboards and the Nostromo n52te. All times are GMT Results 1 to 12 of Key broadcasting sends keystrokes for one application to one or more copies of the wlw, whether they are on the same machine or not.

I’ll try to throw some tips I didn’t do all 4 accounts at once but I’m sure this will work. Sorry but as multiboxer myself i dont see the point of using it when you already get dozen reports per day most likely, why even use the bots it wont last long then for your accounts to be banned. And as for PwnBoxer? Once the wows open the broadcast of keystrokes will automatically begin to pause keystrokes press “Pause” on your keyboard. As for extra tips, don’t think I really have much to offer.


By now you know I like ISBoxer, but what about everyone else? Twitch Blog Studen Albatroz: I was getting 2 90’s every 6 hours of game time. HotkeyNet is currently in early beta. So a while back I wrote this software multiboxint for multi-boxing Wow it was originally made for WotLK but I’ve been told it works fine with pretty much any wow version Including TBC, I am currently using it for that.

Note that this does not broadcast the effects of keystroke, such as a complex macro, but just the actual keystroke itself. Key Mapping Does the software support your input devices?

Free Multiboxing program ?

As i see, there are better tools to multibox for free without some “bot” features. This site is not associated with or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment.

I didn’t do all 4 accounts at once but I’m sure this will work. This interconnection allows for an unlimited number of characters under the control of a single user theoretically. If you have any problems don’t hesitant to contact me.

wow multiboxing software

Hmm sorry about that.