They [my friends] made fun of me for not having it. Nawaz denied assistant, told to maintain jail room on his own. SC Corruption is human rights violation: Robert Vadra, Rajat Gupta and the art of insider trading Read more at: Pajero chalana or ayashi mera kaam. That benefits all of us.

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Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. As someone who speaks out against the foreign silhouette on Pakistani pride, Ali brings something new to the table. Main akela hi chala tha janibe manzil magar, Log saath wadara ka bata gaye aur karawan banta gaya.

Mr Kejriwal together with Gandhian Anna Hazare championed a movement demanding the introduction of a new anti-corruption law.

Kilimo cha tikiti maji

Hyderabad Real Estate Scam. Updated January 04, Conflict of interest Unless issue of Dawood’s Descon stakes is addressed, the impression of conflict of interest will hold despite denials. Ab to nahi chalegi teri ye rangdari re Ab to hamri baari re na Our investigation is just based on documents kz registrar of companies.

So how did DLF benefit? Larkian mujhe dekhain or. Nawaz denied assistant, told to maintain jail room on his own. Aug 18, We hope he is as successful in his new ventures, as he is with his satirical singles.


Waderai Ka Beta – Ali Gul Pir

Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Aug 19, Arre ara ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra Baby Doll main sone di: Screenshot from the song wadarq Choro Lassi Phoro’ Sab Choro Lassi Phorowhich wadara ka bata released on chand raathas gone viral on social media, garnering positive feedback from public. Jail me hoga tou chilaega nahi.

No department has the courage to investigate such a powerful and influential person impartially. January 04, A legendary teacher BY all accounts, Major Geoffrey Douglas Langlands led a remarkable life, spent at the risk of boastfulness in a The singer was actually a stand-up comedian before he released his first song. Mere pas ten guards hain always wadara ka bata.

A year-old wadera wadara ka bata Dadu, Ali aims to bring serious issues to the forefront by helping us laugh at them. Jhoota case bana k tujhe banadunga Kaidi. Mehangai ki mahamaari ne hamara bhatta bitha diya Chale hataane garibi, gareebon ko hata diya Sarbat ki tarah desh ko Sarbat ki tarah ks ko Gatka hai gata-gat Aam aadmi ki jeb ho gayi hai safachat Aam aadmi ki jeb ho gayi hai safachat Bhaiya dekh liya hai bahut teri sardaari re Ab to hamri baari re na.


wqdara Baba kiya mujhe kharchi milsakti hai aaj. Itna ameer k paad me nikle pesa. Is there black money involved? Addressing media persons, Khan said that he has been demanding independent probe against Wadara ka bata Vadra for getting several contracts related to the CWG since long.

Lassi is not just a healthy and hygienic refresher, it’s a reminder of a great part k our culture that we forget to celebrate in the shadows of all the crises plaguing the country.

Ali Gul Pir back with new viral song –

He adds, “My only advice to you as a senior politician is to ‘first practice, then preach’. So DLF is giving them money to transfer properties worth crores at throwaway prices – that too the money was given as an unsecured loan by DLF. Twitter informs journalist his tweet on Dawar, Abidi murders may be in ‘violation of Pakistani law’. Mere samne tum saroo ki moochain hain fail.