There are songs about real life subjects”. For non-fans, this won’t sway you at all. I can’t even point out any particularly bad moments on the album, all but the three tracks highlighted in the previous paragraph are completely lifeless and dull mid tempo stoner metal songs, that’s all there really is to it. Retrieved September 25, Look at that, the colors pop, the figure in the middle stands prominent, the ruins beneath are drab and scattered like dusty old toys, it’s just very striking and sticks in your mind after the very first time you see it.

the sword apocryphon

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The Sword – Apocryphon – CD – Official Doom Merchandise Shop – Worldwide

Retrieved October 22, Apocryphon Studio album by The Sword. I wouldn’t have noticed there was a new drummer had I not looked up their lineup to see if it was the same four chumps since the beginning.

the sword apocryphon

This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat US Billboard [37]. Apocryphon is plenty heavy, although the real emphasis here is on the righteous riffage. Those two songs, by the way, are placed next to each other in the tracklist.

The Sword – Apocryphon – CD

Listening to Apocryphon, it seems somehow fitting that I unintentionally skipped Warp Riders, because this album sounds like the direct sequel to Gods of the Earth. BastardHeadOctober 26th, Age of Winters ‘s stained glass affair was cool but nothing particularly special, Gods of the Earth was adorned with a really striking painting that instantly made apocrypgon want to hear the album plus I have an affinity for album covers unblemished with band logos or album titlesWarp Riders was just a damn awesome throwback to OG sci-fi and for a very stupid personal connection, it really reminded me of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books I used to read in grade school qpocryphon, and now with their fourth album, Apocryphonit’s just the essence of cool.


Retrieved October 23, They need fresh ideas, or maybe an entirely new perspective. The shit drumming and agonizingly bad lyrics were more of just a funny quirk on Age of Winterswhereas since then they’ve been cemented as integral to the band’s identity.

The SWORD – Apocryphon Review // Metal Injection

Writing a four-star review for the website AllMusicEduardo Rivadavia praised many elements of the album, including the musical compositions and the lyrical themes, concluding his review by explaining that ” Apocryphon basically sees The Sword inching its well-established aesthetic along, slowly but surely; cautiously dabbling in new sounds rather than drastically altering their direction Try something different, anything, I don’t care.

Personally, I found Age of Winters to be a flawed gem. The Vancouver Sun [16].

That’s a testament to what this album is, just another faceless replacement while they fund their prostitute habit. Williams IIIwas officially unveiled on September 10, What’s that tell you when two straight songs pass through my ears, barely measuring so much as an idle twitch from my ThatshowkidsdieJanuary 30th, Ultimate Guitar Archive [34]. Apocryphon was initially slated for release in “late September or early October” by the band, said to be dependent on when artist J.

Look at that, the tbe pop, the figure in the middle stands prominent, the ruins apocrypbon are drab and scattered like dusty old toys, it’s just very striking and sticks in your mind after the very first time you see it.

Cronise, all recorded with a compressed analog-sounding warmth. Make a trip hop song, write a high octane ode to your fetishistic love of caramel apples, a ballad about poodles, just Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. The Sword made a huge splash with their first album, basically roaring from out of nowhere to make this huge mainstream presence with a style that is both incredibly easy to write and done to death, so they rightly earned a staunch number of non-fans right off the bat for their perceived posturing and media-friendliness.


They just blur by, nothing hooks you, nothing catches your attention, nothing fights for the spotlight, it’s just one drab, grey mass of music buzzing past your ears.

Gods of the Earth was an incredibly dull album, with maybe one track I remember liking at all, and even with that I can’t quite remember the name of it “Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzepherians” or something equally stupidand Warp Riderswhile at least being more energetic than its predecessor, still carried an overwhelmingly thick essence of deja vu and had very few standout tracks. It’s so played out, we get it.

the sword apocryphon

Archived from the original on October 14, Archived from the original on January 11, The first song to be unveiled from Apocryphon was opening track “The Veil of Isis”, which apocgyphon made available for streaming online on September 25, ; [18] this was followed by title track “Apocryphon”, for which an official lyric video produced by P.

Originally written for That’s How Kids Die.

Upon its release, the critical reception for Swrod was mainly positive. The first details of the album were revealed on June 5,amongst which was the title Apocryphon.