Complete “World” 6 Joe Camacho Devil’s Advocate Joined: Wed Nov 23, 8: Leaderboards Best Score on Finish. Alright, so me and a friend have been trying to netplay the Super Bomberman series. Battle Duel Zone Not a big deal as those are very easy achievements i.

super bomberman 3.smc

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super bomberman 3.smc

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Users browsing this forum: Super Bomberman issues. Battle Jump Zone Complete “World” 3 Battle Light Zone Bomberman 94 PC Engine. Download an emulator for your chosen console, find some ROMs and join the fun!

super bomberman 3.smc

Wed Nov 23, 8: Mon Jun 05, We’re at a loss of what to do, and we’d like to finish the series. On Rasnes this game play fine, but on retroarch lot of achievements unlocks at starts and the others doesnt unlock.


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All we want to do is just play some freakin’ Bomberman here. Thu Sep 09, Friends Compare to your friend: Page 1 of 1.

Please post the rom’s info. It seems to be something to do with the game’s audio I’m guessing the music, as it’s the only thing noticeably different from the blmberman couple games that causes hanging in netplay.

super bomberman 3.smc

bombernan Best Score on Finish Highest Score when finish the game. Battle Tunnel Zone Open the game and get: Battle Flower Zone Joe Camacho Devil’s Advocate Joined: Google [Bot] and 0 guests.

Similar Games Have you tried: Wed Jul 28, 7: In Battle Normal Zone I had to won it twice two matches of 3 wins to trigger the achievement. Bomberman Tournament Game Boy Advance.

Battle Western Zone Old topic, but since it hasn’t been resolved Complete “World” 6 Complete “World” 4 High Scores Pos User Points 1. Random achievements unlocked on start. Does anyone know for whatever reason either of these two issues might occur? Battle Warp Zone