That’s quite a difference! Posted Thu 05 Sep 13 DopeBoyz PRO Infinity Member since What would be great on the skin or incorporated into the controller is a button for the clone function? Please update the fimrware to be sure that is not the issue. Updated firmware and asio driver. Please see our FAQ pages: This should have been working native right from the get go.

skin denon mc6000 virtual dj

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Posted Wed 14 May 14 Posted Tue 11 Dec 12 1: I have noticed the wheels may need some adjustment, they don’t seem that responsive at times.

skin denon mc6000 virtual dj

Hopefully Atomix can realize just how serious this “inconvenience” is. Thanks Posted Sun 24 Mar 13 9: Below is his original approval. Hi, Erik No Problem! Posted Thu 03 Jul 14 5: If your skin doesnt offer this, better remove those options from ddj menu.

skin denon mc6000 virtual dj

Now fader for channel 2 will move fader on channel 1 of software. Tue 04 Dec 12 8: Support staff Member since zacek wrote: Thanks for your afforts! I’m from mexico, best regards Ruben. I am using Windows 7 and have not changed the hardware settings PC mix. Pc vs Int mix is not an option, it’s a preference that is used for very different reasons.


Updated firmware and asio driver. Posted Thu 20 Dec 12 2: I apologize for the serious inconvenience this causes.

No I have not upgraded the firmware since I got the unit. I agree with you to share your work with the rest of the cumunidad.

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Posted Tue 11 Dec mcc6000 The error on start up might be caused by the V7-version of Beatgrid. Support staff Member since You will need to upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Professional to be able to download and use custom mappers: Headphones are working through the internal PFL.

TulsaDJ PRO Infinity Member since I just hooked up mine and it seems to be working ok except for the incompatible message on start up mc000 firmwarecues work, song preview works. You’ve posted no link and I can’t find it in the skin-section. Posted Fri 04 Jan 13 9: If this is sufficient great, otherwise no choice until Ruben responds on this specific thread. No way to solve this headphone situation. My settings are for Dennon Skkin with headphones.


Denon mc virtual dj skin download – Google Docs

I have heard that the Denon DN-MC is one of the most popular and widely used controllers on the market. If you want to use the controller in external mix mode, I believe you have to select external controller in the sound card option in VDJ settings. I installed the new VDJ 8 and connected it to my MC and things seem to work ok with a few problems.

But it works fine with VDJ 7.

I use the clone function fairly often.