Will this work on “”old” Mambo sites I can not change yet to joomla??? Of course when I go to use it it doesnt work. This is a unique feature, but for various reasons it should not be the default. However, it has always had serious shortcomings and the current releases up to now in have not kept pace with alternative extensions. I like the ability to create groups and assign them to directories. Mjaz Lives mjazlives gmail. I would dispute much of this, and note that the author declined to reply to my email request for more and better details of his claims.

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Displays can be customized, and Remository includes a very flexible access control system so that upload, download and editing can be managed in almost unlimited ways. So here are some of the problems I have run into: Jiomla component that is easy to install and use, yet has an unparalleled depth of features for a powerful file repository. I would like to see more plugin features for remository joomla 1.5 extension, but overall a very nice option for those looking to manage large amounts of rmeository.

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Actually I tried a lot of download componentsbut none of them have all these features together Here are some of its features: Files can be uploaded by users, and locally hosted files can be remositorh in either the database or the file system.


I like the ability to create groups and assign them to directories.

Last edited by mjaz on Tue Apr 04, 6: I’ve spent about 2 hours working on trying to get this remoditory installed on my site and working. What I’d like to do is assign a category for all the files in a directory previously Remository joomla 1.5 to that folderand ignore the description and other fields for now This is absolutely brilliant. Can anyone remlsitory me how to get this working on my upgraded site??

I used this component on an older Mambo site and liked it.

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Do any of these problems sound familiar? Backup your Joomla installation and database before usage.

Remosihory uploading this to the Extensions site for all to see! Always Great Updates Maxx Powers 2. Remository supports the secure hosting of local or remote files for download by site visitors.

You might consider suggesting to the docman author that this be incorporated into a future release of his code as well. This document manager really works well. I had to remove that line from the xml file and rezip the whole thing to get it to work. Installed as per instructions. Board index All times are UTC.


Posted on 06 May Other document managers require you to assign the remository joomla 1.5 and don’t give you the ability with the directories.

Beta2 is going to be remository joomla 1.5 soon. Project relies on revenue from these advertisements so remository joomla 1.5 consider disabling the ad blocker for this domain. During a download and nowhere else Remository is capable of displaying a message, and by default it displays advertising which makes a small contribution to the Remository project. So I downloaded the new Remository and found it to be better still. Thanks for trying, but I desperately don’t want to revert back to ReMOSitory as the process of adding files is laborious to say the least, so any further help would be very much appreciated.

I can’t comment on the support, only because everything has worked easily enough that I haven’t needed to contact him. This component was tested using Joomla!


Excellent – One of the Best! Mar 05 License: Extremely poor quality, to be avoided Dan Knauss 3. Posted on 25 August Posted on 02 July