Saregama is an online website for all music lovers from different parts of India. I spent every minuite of the day as a millemum and came here by the night. Your mothers are coming here for you, leaving their happy homes. Koustubha necklace is looking beautiful on him. Oh Gopala, You hold flute and all the sages contemplate on you. Righteousness, Wealth, Desire and Salvation. You are not authorised arena user.

pooraya mama kamam

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Oh lord of the universe, we seek your orders to act in an appropriate manner.

pooraya mama kamam

He is the lord of Lakshmi. You illuminated us with the essence of real happiness. You can now login with your mobile number too. Madhava alone is the creator of the universe. The worldly agonies and delusions of the saints vanish by your grace.

Ei Korechho Bhalo Dadar Kirti. You have been successfully Logged In! You immerse in the divine dance. Enter Email ID Submit.


They tell that the name, the form and the existence of every thing is due to you only.

Video Playlists View all. He is the most auspicious savior and he is the fulcrum of the universe. Sant Surdas Avinash Vyas. Narayana Teertha Tamil 59 Plays.

Pooraya Mama Kamam

He is fragrant with jasmine and champeya flowers. The best app and website for Tamil songs download is Saregama as it has listings of songs based on the artists as well as alphabetically. He annhilated the clan of demons. I am your intimate one.

pooraya mama kamam

If you are looking for something trendier, check out albums of different movies and pick what matches your tastes. He wears the most fragrant flower garlands.

Create New Save OR. Payal Ki Jhankaar Raj Kamal. His bee colored eyes are making the lotus like faces of the Gopikas happy. The Gopikas expressed their agony in this song which is written in detail by Siva Narayana Teertha. Pooraya Mama Kamam Narayana Teertha. Please subscribe to Arena to play this content.


Where can I download high quality Tamil MP3 songs?

Pooraya Mama Kamam – NARAYANA TEERTHA THARANGAM Chords – Chordify

You are divine and auspicious Gopala. Enter the verification code He is strong willed even Manmatha has no poraya on him. Oh Hari, you shine with the hue of blue sapphire. The sages are emancipated by contemplating on his feet. His lips are shining with the radiance of the crimson rays of the Sun.

If you are looking for a better quality, you can download HD quality songs at Rs 10 each.