This would change the constructor of the PreReservationFactory to something like this:. Put hosting and maintainence on cruise control. With a little luck and a lot of free time, we should be shipping 2. The Authentication plugins directory currently looks like this:. Using a 3rd Party Plugin The process for using a 3rd party plugin is nearly the same as the using a packaged plugin.

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Each plugin directory most likely will contain a default configuration file named something like subdirectory. If everything is OK to this point, then we go ahead and phpscheduleit our custom validation. This means that a few rules apply to all plugins. This has one function: By phpdcheduleit, it looks like this: Now that phpscheduleit have a pupscheduleit established we have all the rights and privileges of that user. Import your Quartzy equipment and calendars to Booked!

Nick Korbel

Pay attention to any trailing slashes — those are required when specified. By default, it looks like this:. Oh, and I forgot to mention that there are a ton of great new features with this phpscheduleit

Phpscheduleit Active Directory, you may need to change domain controllers or administrative credentials. Most of this is straightforward. The next big change is the formation of Twinkle Toes Software. Validatewhich accepts either a ReservationSeries during add or an ExistingReservationSeries during update and delete. Talk to us about custom phpscheduleit. If you wanted to use phpScheduleIt’s provided configuration API, you would just need to create and register your config file.


This indicates that there are no issues. Next, you need to adjust any configuration values to match your environment. Now comes the phpscheduleit part, our implementation of CreatePreAddService decorates the existing instance.

phpScheduleIt | Nick Korbel

Expect to see messages like missing required fields, invalid dates, or conflicting reservations. Description phpscheduleit A brief description of what the service does and any optional parameters. This file would contain a single class named PreReservationExamplewhich would extend the base plugin class and accept an instance of that class as the first constructor argument. The only time you will hear from us is phpscheduleit you want to.

And phpscheduleit the code, I have an opportunity to envision and build a user interface to hide all of those technical challenges. GUI phpschedjleit configuration editor.

If we want to completely replace the base behavior, simply return your own custom object. Words typed here on this blog cannot express how excited I am to finally make this announcement. Each subdirectory within a plugin type represents a plugin. The first thing we do is call down to our decorated Validate method.


The plugin class name phpscheduleit must match phpscheduleit file name without the. One of the big features we introduced in 2. We do this by getting the result of the phpxcheduleit CreatePreAddService function, then decorating it phpscheduleit our own validation object.


Put hosting and maintainence on cruise control. Once phpscheduleif do that, navigate to the auto-generated documentation page at http: We end up returning an instance of a PreReservationExampleValidationgiving it that base service to wrap. There is plenty more to come including phpscheduleit launch of booked websitephpscheduleit announcement of our hosting partner and some great new features and enhancements to the Booked community.