The basic page structure of the Mingle theme. We are going to emulate the content area of the skin 1 home page on the demo website:. With all of our preparation now completed it is time to actually use the [portfolio] shortcode. Look at what you did! Before we leave this page we need to make a note of the ID number for our new category. When the image has finished uploading we are presented with an overview of our media library and the Attachment Details panel for the image we just uploaded. So you can see that just by sorting the list we have developed five different and interesting ways of presenting the same basic content.

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The settings for our Front Page Layout. OK, one more for the road.

The link attribute decides what happens when a thumbnail image is clicked. Click the Edit or Override link to see a layout’s settings. This is what the WordPress plugin was designed to do, along with quite a few gallery plugins which may also provide enhanced features. Occasionally it may be the case that you want the thumbnails to display the entire image rather than a cropped area of the image.

It may be useful to parallelus mingle a note of the image dimensions for future reference. Parxllelus I found useful quite recently was to create various portfolio index pages based on tags that had minhle applied to a portfolio item post rather than on parallelus mingle category the post had been assigned to. Note that in the Media metabox the Title we enter is displayed in the lightbox underneath the video. Lastly, click the Save Layout button to save out layout to the database parallelus mingle return to the design settings page.


Index of /wp-content/themes/parallelus-mingle/assets/images/skins/skin-7

Note the minus sign before the The [portfolio] shortcode was not designed to compete with any of these; it has a specific use, hence its name — portfolio. In this article we are paralllus to build the layout for a home page. And now that the parallelus mingle is created all you have to do is make some content. If we use standard aspect ratios such as parallelus mingle If you remember, way back at Step 1 we created a category and made a note of its ID number.

For the time being, slap the shortcode in the content and click the Update button.

How to Make a Home Page with Mingle

So this is all we need to know about creating a video portfolio instead of an image portfolio. The answer to this question and many others can be found in the support forum. So for the content of our Portfolio page we use the above shortcode. But how long did that take? Note that the title is always linked to the post or page for the portfolio item, there is no option to change or disable this. We will not be concerned with actual parallelus mingle, this will be your task once the structure is in place.

The video can be hosted on Vimeo or on YouTube, and keep in mind that if it parallelus mingle on YouTube then you need to click on Share and then Options and select the Long link option; so the URL you use might look something like this:. I have found it so useful in so many parallelus mingle that I sometimes wonder how I ever managed without it. We are going to do this from scratch.


Now for the content layout. In the past I did manage without it, but it took me ages to do what I do now with the [portfolio] shortcode very quickly. First, the category attribute. The box labelled URL is where we paste the web address of our video.

The settings for My Website Footer. Each portfolio item is a standard WordPress post. In the [blog] shortcode above I have used the page ID numbers 10, 19, 34 and So go ahead and click the Set featured image link.

I want to finish up by pointing out some undocumented features of the [portfolio] shortcode. The [portfolio] shortcode was designed to provide us with an alternative way of presenting a portfolio of our work, where each portfolio item has its own page on which details parallelus mingle the work can be published.