The method to download Cydia without jailbreak is like a long-lost Shaolin Kung Fu. Home Cydia Sources Contact Us. If you ever head over to OpenAppMkt, you will notice the number of apps is growing from time to time. This is the only way to know how great this Kung Fu is. There are a lot of online information give the wrong idea about installing apps from OpenAppMkt without jailbreak. In some opinion, web apps are not convenience compared to Cydia App Store. In the iOS world, there are a few methods where you can really get cracked apps without jailbreak.

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No Responses so far Have Your Say! In conclusion, OpenAppMkt is yet another great Cydia alternative or openappmkt cydia the App Store because it requires no jailbreak to use any apps. Do Not Change This: Open up a browser from your iOS device and access to www. Just tap on it cyida the bookmark will be added to your browser in no time.

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You can use it anytime you want even the internet connection is openappmkt cydia. OpenAppMkt is one name that you should know if you are hunting a best way to download Cydia without jailbreak. It openqppmkt been like that for a couple weeks and we do not know it is schedule maintenance or the end of the day for OpenAppMkt.


openqppmkt What if the internet connection is slow? The app is hosted at OpenAppMkt server and you can use it by accessing the software directly from your iOS device. They are basically the same idea.

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In the recent days, you can even find a lot of iOS 7 apps. Downloading an app from Cydia app store allows you to fully own the app in your iOS device. Leave This Blank Too: Just in openappmkt cydia OpenAppMkt is going to meet its maker like Installousyou should check out some openapomkt the craziest apps which also allow you to download Cydia apps without jailbreak. Leave a Feedback Name required Mail will not be published required. Try to think how do you play Candy Crush Saga in Facebook?

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To make things clear, you will first have to understand that installing OpenAppMkt means adding a Safari bookmark of the site to the home screen of your device. It is a necessity to download OpenAppMkt now and try it out. Apps available in the server are updated from time to time. That is one reason why OpenAppMkt is receiving a lot of supporters. Openappmkt cydia the iOS world, there are a few methods where you can really get cracked apps without jailbreak.


Hence, there is no jailbreak needed to run OpenAppMkt or any cracked apps. From there, you will be able to use the web apps. Home Cydia Sources Contact Us. Many people think it is possible to openappmkt cydia Cydia apps to an iOS device without jailbreak which is wrong. Posted by Vega Categories: Mail will not be published required.

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Leave This Blank Too: You should openappmkt cydia to install some apps, themes, tweaks, or games. OpenAppMkt has been in the market for a few years and it offers a wide range of free apps and tweaks openappmkt cydia iOS devices from A to Z. How to install cracked apps with AppAddict. In some opinion, web apps are not convenience compared to Cydia App Store.

Or how do you play Flappy Bird online without the need to install the game to your device?