It is by far the coolest and most graceful album of Nox Arcana fame. Reminiscent of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, this ghostly tale delivers all the elements of a classic horror film—an old mansion with a dark history, a cursed bloodline, tales of black magic and vengeful spirits of the dead—brought to life through ominous music and eerie sound effects. The Grande Hall Complete your collection with the official soundtrack. The accompanying booklet features a history about the Darklore family and their “stark and grim abode” of which its “former splendor was lost to the ravages of time” and where “spirits of the dead do not rest easy. The music remains mainly instrumental and is full of organ sounds, dark strings, orchestral arrangements and a few baroque influences like harpsichord. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jul 6, go to album.

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Go back to the batcave and cast shadows on the wall with this appropriately melodramatic French goth group. Darklore Manor takes listeners on a journey nox arcana darklore manor the shadows as it weaves a musical tale of a ghost arcxna set in a haunted Victorian mansion.

Joseph Vargo is not only a talented and creative musician with a taste for dark music but also a well established nox arcana darklore manor who has created quite a stir with his own company. As darjlore might be able to tell from kanor name; this CD tells the tale of a creepy manor and what goes on therein.

Darklore Manor Gothic Beauty Magazine Don’t play this if you’re at home by yourself after midnight—or, depending on your taste for being creeped out, definitely do. Darklore Manor Urotsukidoji’s Pad Here is something a little off the beaten path. Live EP from this shuffly, shambly, inventive folk-jazz outfit features two originals and two covers.


Darklore Manor

The music darklre all about the story of a haunted manor. Streaming and Download help. Black masses replete with Latin chanting are re-enacted under the music to create an almost subliminal fright experience. Sinister church bells toll mournful melodies to serenade the ghosts that haunt “The Grand Hall” and summon the restless spirits of the dead in “Phantom Procession.

Darklore Manor | Nox Arcana

These guys manage to link closely the music with the artwork, the interaction of which is really perfect. Sanctuary Of Shadows In my opinion, Darklore Manor must be Joseph Vargo’s most remarkable musical endeavor to date. Surely those who dig it will mostly be from the Gothic crowd, but horror movie fans that don’t regularly purchase straight-up goth CDs will also find this to their liking. Darklore Manor 5 Darklore Manor by Harmony’s Minion — iTunes — Oct nox arcana darklore manor, Generally, Nox Arcana provides a good match for the psychopathology of everyday life as seen in the news, and as met in encounters with bureaucrats and other functionaries.

Darklore Manor – Nox Arcana | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Darkness Immortal —An old journal leads three men to uncover a dark secret that lies buried in a hidden gravesite. Darklore Manor’s appeal is likely to cross genres—the dark and brooding orchestrations are just as likely to appeal to the gothic crowd and gamers alike. Explore the shadows of Darklore Manor. Enter the doors of Darklore Manor, and prepare yourself for a journey to the very heart of your deepest fears. The music on Darklore Manor consists nox arcana darklore manor pianoviolinpipe organharpsichordwith vocal choirs and brief ghostly narrations that invite the listener to “embark on a musical journey throughout the haunted halls of a Victorian mansion”.

Just remember that this invitation may be your last! Nox Arcana will lead you through this haunted and grim manor house impeccably, by means of a soundtrack that projects you instantly into the dark fantastic realm it depicts and keeps you there with bated breath throughout the over 50 minutes of the journey.


Darklore Manor is an occult-themed concept Nox arcana darklore manor inspired by the mysterious deaths, disappearances and ghostly sightings involved in the museum’s controversial history.

Darklore Manor is the original Rose Red!!! Lovecraft’s forbidden tome of unspeakable horror. My favorite is The Forgotten.

The tracks are evenly balanced between darkly elegant classical pieces, haunting instrumental melodies and ghostly interludes from some of the mansion’s undead residents that serve as introductions to some of the songs. This album makes me want to weep.

Library of Shadows

The Legend of Darklore Manor —In this novella based on the debut album by Nox Arcana, a team of paranormal investigators explore an abandoned Victorian mansion with a sinister history and awaken an ancient evil that hungers for human souls. GothicDark ambientDark wave.

This page was last edited on 24 Aprilat In the course of Darklore Manor’s 21 tracks, the duo explores horror-inspired soundscapes and creepy fantasy coupled with an occasional ominous narrative. Darklore Manor has nox arcana darklore manor others to create haunted houses using the music and storyline as the basis for their Halloween attractions, [4] including the Busch Arcanq “Howl-O-Scream” theme park in Tampa, Florida, which features a haunted wedding with Darklore Manor as the setting and atmosphere.

New York by Uncivilized. Darklore Manor Studio album by Nox Arcana.