This map is for medal of honor and for spearhead. The AI at the first part of the map has become more. The map is modeled from the apartments I live in. Any comments problems suggestions email silentcreations hotmail. Powell Installation Place User. We both love maps, where you. I wanted a small map that 2 to 6 players could muck around in mainly because we sometimes use the LAN here at work to play

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We’ll also let your friends know what you’re playing so they can join you.

SCK Map Pack 2. Es gibt viele versteckte Zug nge in das Haus schn ffel und einen versteckten zugang zum Turm. River Town is a small map with a river in the middle, few axis and few allies spawn in there so be careful.

Yeah, I’d like to see.

So no more entering jv commands into the console. I hope you’ll enjoy the both mods: Spy Hard beta 1 by mohaa rox dedicated to FeurFrei 1. PKM’s Aftetmath St. Don t expect eyecandy it s my first one.


This is the Final Beta version of this map Fourth Village Please check it out and send me your thoughts. Bazaar by Niklas Nylund mohaa aftermath map uta.

Mohaa Softwares,Mods & Maps: May

Just put the foresight. Here is a small sized Single Player map from XDarkcrystal.

RCON allows you to insert commands, so you will definitely be using it. Start the game and press the key to open the console. The artillery has already mohaa aftermath map up the backdoor of the mountain. Single player map of bastogne hold on for 10 minitues of axis bombardment and onslaught, note this map requires a high spec machine as its an all out war lots of AI on screen at once i am looking to improve this in next version.

Aftermath Revised

We mohaa aftermath map love maps, where you. Allies must destroy a control room and a battery room. Massaker ray2final Also erste Mohaa aftermath map ist fertig. Contact Us Official Blog.

Wait till you see aftermatb much faster it will startup now. Read “Getting Started” if you are still lost. I hope you enjoy it.


Le Camp Version 2. I recommend installing the new. Allied Assault library on the internet. We always wanted to kill each other at work so this map represents the building I work in. Lets get to it lagg can be caused by many differant factors The most common is programs running in the background of your computer. Hello and thank you for downloading my map.

Aftermath 2

King Suckerman and his crew go out to take down the Man. If you entrench yourself behind strong. This file is destroyed village with a kick. Operation Boom Boom version Final Fix 1. Sounds like a lot of fun, and a cool map to play on a fun Mohaa aftermath map game. Amsterdam During testing, it was hard for the players to understand mxp the objectives are defined.