Streets is the only HCS module that allows Auto-Calculate to be turned off by the user, because the Streets calculations are complex and sometimes time-consuming on the computer. This leads to situations in which output data will no longer be consistent with input data. Left-turn movements in odd-numbered phases are used to reflect protected left-turns i. The Roundabouts module includes the updated capacity equations that reflect the latest research and increase capacity for all scenarios — significantly in most cases. Did You Know that multiple-period analysis is absolutely necessary for an HCM analysis of signalized intersections for congested conditions?

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Left-turn movements in odd-numbered phases are used to reflect protected left-turns i.

McTrans HCS7 Released

For some datasets, incorrect results may be displayed for the weaving segment until the file is closed and reopened. Although mctrans hcs the previous version s is recommended to avoid conflicts and confusion for most users, allowing multiple versions to co-exist on one computer can be managed if there is a need. Why do the reports look disabled or grayed mmctrans

Allowing unmet demand from one period to become the initial queue for the subsequent period is the only mxtrans to properly compute delay. This procedure is used for estimating the average phase duration for an intersection that is operating with actuated control. There are several types of information required for a Signal analysis that can be obtained while performing turning movement counts: The recently added 95th Percentile Mctrans hcs results may not appear on the Text Report.


Also, a narrow cycle length range will reduce the possibilities to be tested, and allow better results in a shorter time.

Travel time reliability facilitates the analysis of mctrans hcs of scenarios expanded from a single base file to generate a distribution of results for variable demand, weather and incidents with specific runs for work zones and special events — computing several performance measures, including travel time index and reliability rating.

Running a multiple-period analysis for any situation including under-saturated conditions also overcomes the dilemma in using the appropriate minute period versus a peak-hour factor PHF mctrans hcs could vary among movements and periods.

A Roundabout Segment is mctrand included to provide for the analysis of urban jcs segments with roundabouts as boundary intersections for travel speed and LOS.

The results shown after file reopen will be correct. Arrival type is used to describe the quality of signal progression for the corresponding movement group. The main reason to using a multiple-period analysis is to model the mctrans hcs demand that may exist from one minute period to the next in oversaturated conditions. If your question is not answered, feel free to contact us for assistance!

Did You Know that the signal timing optimization process in the HCS7 Streets module is the only tool that uses the HCM6 procedures that include phase duration, flow profile, access points and shared lane models?

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Stop bar counts do not represent demand for congested conditions. Webinars are scheduled here: Why do the reports look disabled or grayed out? Signalized Intersections Multiple-Period Analysis.

Since mctrans hcs reports use the Internet Explorer for display and printing, adjustments mcctrans need to be made there for these reports to print on one page.


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This will be a completely new installation, separate from any existing version. When exclusive right-turn lanes exist, shielded right-turns may be added by clicking twice on the corresponding odd-numbered phase. Highway Capacity Analysis — Just Ask! For intersections hs two one-way streets where either phase 2 or phase 6 does not exist, unopposed left-turn movements cannot be coded off the major street.

Both mctrans hcs these options will refresh output data in the reports, but only Force Calculations will allow the dynamic calculations to remain mctrans hcs. If the QSR is equal to or greater than 1. Does the median type make a difference in a Two-Way Stop-Controlled analysis? Please mctrahs Mc Trans is you have this issue. No issues have been discovered in testing or reported by users.

Thereafter, an annual support subscription must be maintained to continue these mctrrans, but no more upgrade fees are required.

McTrans: HCS7 Update – Release 7.2

What do the green times in Phasing View represent? The computation of two-stage gap acceptance differs for the minor-street thru movements depending on the type of median. This will allow for a more accurate computation of additional delays d 3 attributable to these queues for the overall analysis period. Please review the following notes before mctrans hcs Mc Trans for technical support, as it is likely your question will be answered by the FAQs and tips below.