Any extra requests will be ignored. The teams are Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. This post will cover everything discussed at the meeting. Remember when we first mentioned this Arcade Game back in January? Symphony in the Stars in New Hollywood Studios! And now, for a limited time, we will be bringing it to MCMagic! When it happens, we like to celebrate!

mcmagic resource pack

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Legobuilder0813 – MCMagic Parks

Cheaper rooms will be available soon such as the interiors. Keep in mind this ride is new, so expect there to be a few bugs rsource the first few weeks of it being open. A new feature, Player Settings, has been created in the My Profile menu. One for each team and one in the Center.

Guests are no longer able to sign autograph books. Shops Shops were originally announced back at the beginning of the Summer. Art of Animation Resort. In the future we plan on expanding to the entire ship.

We do our resouece to welcome our friends from around the world. September 15th we will start showing the Halloween version of Wishes, Hallowishes until November 1st.


mcmagic resource pack

We have so much planned in the coming months, such as Holiday Seasonal, Shows, Updates, and much more! It is very secure and safe to use.

We can live with that. This update will be released Christmas Eve, what a great Christmas Present! These Selections are what allow you to get on the shorter, faster FastPass line on most rides.

mcmagic resource pack

Para aquellos que no saben, soy un administrador tecnico aqui en MCMagic. Times for all of these shows can be found in the Show Timetable by right-clicking your Watch. Applications for Staff Member are currently open and can be found here. Shareholder does not come with any more perks than a DVC Membership does. This helps us keep with our desire to use the same names Disney uses in their Parks.

Just this past weekend, we held our October Public Meeting. This wraps up the June Update post. Now we already told you we are re-building Hollywood Studios next, but furthermore what part of MCMagic should the Development Team mcmagicc on next?

mcmagic resource pack

There are a few disadvantages, however. A few unpopular features were removed to make the Main Menu cleaner and easier to use. The final rfsource to this Creative update allows you to change the time and weather of your Plot!


This is one of the largest amounts of Staff Members we have ever ranked up in our history, be sure to congratulate them!

Legobuilder – MCMagic Parks

When in a chat, you will only see the messages in that chat. There will also be a page on our website with all the New Server stuff so you can read it. This wraps up the last Update ofhave a Happy Holidays!

If you see them on our servers, be sure to congratulate them! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page for the latest information! For starters, we migrated our servers to a different data center. All Role Plays must follow these rules, otherwise sad things happen.

The exact amounts of Money a player will receive has not been decided yet.