Doesn’t work across a network right now, Brad. SQLite3 uses locking primitives that don’t work across a network. However, currently there is no zooming, so a 1: Marc, a PM is a private message between forum members. If the previews weren’t available, you would still see image placeholders, with a message in each rectangle to the effect that the preview isn’t available.


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LRViewer Download – Standalone viewer for Lightroom image previews

I’m starting the Windows version in a day or so, and should be finished in about a week. It just reads files that’s all SQLite3 does, too.

Thread starter Marc Rochkind Start date Feb 15, Denis– SQLite3 tries to work across a network. This will bring me closer to be comfortable with adopting DNG’s!! Welcome to the Lightroom Queen Forums! Slide shows and other nifty extras will come along once I get the basics down. LRViewer never locks the database. However, currently there is no zooming, so a 1: Details are at ImageIngester.

Lrviewer mac

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The August Lightroom updates are now available. Keep up the good work, Marc.


Waiting patiently ahem for the WinDoze version.

It’s at the mercy of whatever LR does, however. In particular, you can give it to clients or others along with a catalog and preview file you’ve exported from Lightroom so that they can view images lrviewwr having a copy of Lightroom itself.

Free LRViewer views LR catalogs without LR

Uses the SQLite3 database for the catlogs, plain file reading for the previews. Both the catalog ending in “lrcat” or “lrdb” and the associated preview file ending in “lrdata” must be present. This has long been requested from the Adobe crew. I’m working on this.

When the Windows version is there: In that case you have to re-open. Denis– LRViewer won’t work across a network for the same reason that Lightroom won’t. LRViewer makes no changes to the Lightroom catalog, which means that it can’t create any lrviewed that aren’t already present.


Marc, A request lrviewr seen is the ability to extract the available preview into a Jpeg. Will the next version allow 1: Aliased meaning that I can ask the forum to send you an email, but I never know your actual address. As you grow in confidence, the book switches to a conversational FAQ format, so you can quickly find answers to advanced questions.


Free LRViewer views LR catalogs without LR | Lightroom Queen Forums

I do not care having to close my Lightroom session for the others being able to use the LRViewer as long as they can open my catalog from their computers and the share I have on it. LRViewer is a standalone viewer for Lightroom image previews and metadata.

LRViewer is a standalone viewer for Lightroom image previews and metadata. Now it’s dang it! You’re doing this in Java,yes?


Reports that the database is locked. Great idea, but mine won’t work Sounds like a great idea, but but it doesn’t view anything for me.