First studio album Igracka placka B92, stirred up a great deal of local and national attention. Enter your search terms Submit search form. The new album won’t be based on some particular concept. Same year Zerkman trumpet joined the band. What does B mean to you as individuals and as a band? I remember that the band – Block Out demanded that the posters of Slobodan Milosevic be removed from the scene.

kkn igracka placka

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The third album which is being prepared now looks good to all of us from the band. Therefore, it’s up to your personal choice, whether placma want lyrics which imply certain commitment in political terms. And I can’t possibly see who else could release our album – they’re the only ones.

kkn igracka placka

On this day …. Their debute release was a live album Guarda Toma! Besides, I can’t recall a single band which didn’t play during the war at Republic Square, except for Darkwood Dub, Neocekivana sila koja se iznenada pojavljuje i resava stvar and Kanda, Kodza i Nebojsa.

The new album won’t packa based on some particular concept.

kkn igracka placka

A few years ago no one could even thought that we might get serious. It is characterized by using new instruments for the band — piano, violins, and trombones. There i went to elementary and high school If the bomb fell again, then the things might finally change. I keep that option in mind for the future, but right now we aren’t going to do it.


Youtube screenshot After four years of inactivity, KKN gathered once more in a different composition. During the war your song “Proci ce i njihovo” “Their Time Shall Also Pass” was being exploited in the media to a large extent, but they changed its context entirely?

What’s important is that we love the music we play as much as the music we listen to. Concubines Did you kkkn From the very beginning I knew what would happen when the bombardment started and that clearly demonstrated what this radio station meant for them the authoritiesand what it meant for the people.

We Didn’t Want to Play in Honour of Total Destruction of Our Country

It seems to me as if it’s more likely that a bomb would fall. We’re trying hard to make it a step forward relative to the previous one. Posted by sahan11yu at 6: Are you satisfied with what you’ve achieved so far? As their entire opus later, the name of the band was chosen spontaneously — Kanda I guess and kodza a lot were taken from old Dostoyevsky translation while Nebojsa is the name of a kid who lived on the block of their lead guitarist Rastko Lupulovic.

Ihracka after Igracka placka was released, Stevan left the group and was replaced with Vladan Rajovic.


Get out of your apartment. The people liked the album “Igracka placka” and I’m glad about iggacka, but I’m not so sure that it’s a quality material. Personally I don’t expect anything good pkacka anyone of us. After four years of inactivity, KKN gathered once more in a different composition. In addition to Oliver, the original lineup driven by curiosity and passion also included Rastko Luplovic on the guitar and Vladislav Rac on the bass as well as Stevan Dimitrijevic on the drums.


The name originated from the word game Rastko had with a friend. I suppose not, not for a igrcaka yet. The song was mostly broadcast by the Studio B, and they were playing it even at times when they shouldn’t have.

Also the people abroad I’ve contacted have p,acka me that if we want to accomplish anything there, the lyrics should be in English. So, if something positive is being done, then I think it’s all right to be silent.

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