Modal popup windows are fancy popups also known as Lightboxes. Tutorials and FAQ are clear enough to be up and running in no time. Tabs – make content tabs. Then put the following code in a Joomla article: However, it is sometimes useful to have a module actually embedded within the article. Also, the name of the position should be all lowercase.

joomla loadposition plugin

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For example, to show a piece of text only to guests not logged in visitorsyou can do this: If you’re plhgin to Shack Forms, try the Quick Start guide.

Components Anywhere By Regular Labs.

joomla loadposition plugin

Articles Anywhere – place articles anywhere you can enter text. Joomla core provides two ways to do that: Advanced Module Manager – control your modules the way joonla should be.

The loadposition plugin is also very handy ie what it was designed for for embedding modules in content items such as galleries, faqs etc. Both on their site and within the plugin itself.

joomla loadposition plugin

Possibly never need it but he can’t be beat! Articles Field By Regular Labs.


How do you put a module inside an article? – Joomla! Documentation

Sliders By Regular Labs. He wanted more control. Also, the name of the position loadpositioh be all lowercase.

Modals is a powerful plugin that allows you to easily create cool modal popups on your site.

{loadposition} and {loadmodule} in Joomla Articles – Joomlashack

So don’t forget to update your site to Joomla 3. But in this tutorial I will only show the quickest and easiest way is loadposition. Just make a content template of it! It adds a multitude of functions, like: Simple User Notes replaces the losdposition complex built-in Joomla!

Articles Field is a Joomla!

With Tooltips you can use a simple syntax to give any piece of text or image a nice and simple tooltip. But like Articles Anywhere, I’m likely to upgrade to the Pro version in future.

Better Preview – preview as it should be. Content Templater – make predefined content.

Loadposition – Display a Joomla module inside an article

Nice documentation including videos, tutorials and FAQ. For instance, you have a form component – that does not come with its own module version – and you want to display the form in a module. Administrator system plugin and modulethat allows you to clean your Joomla! You can simply set up your IP address and a secret URL key in your user profile in the administrator.


Set the module to a position that doesn’t conflict with an existing template position.

Modules Anywhere

Quick Index – add a table of contents quickly in Joomla! Adding modules to my website.

You can use this syntax to load any module by name. Are you just like me and sometimes just want to do nothing, nothing at all?

Advanced Template Manager is an extension that loadpositionn the way your Template manager plgin. You can position them color them, add additional text and pictures and much, much more.

All my websites, from educational websites to news, travel, time, and shopping sites You can use any name you want as long as it is unique.