Points on which data rnay be collected during ground recoimaissance are listed in AppendiX’3, 7. For this purpose, services of geologist or soil specialist may often be needed. The major advantages of SFAP are: A system of traffic census is in vogue in the country under which 7 day traffic counts are taken once or twice a year. Special Problems of Locating in Hilly Areas 2. Vegetation-extent and type 8. Detailed Investigation for Rigid Pavement Design

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Adequate information about drainage patterns is necessary to devise an effective drainage system, which brings into focus the need for requisite studies and investigations. Irc sp 48-1998 Devendra Sharma R. After completing the analysis of the results, borrow area charts similar to the sample shown in Fig.

Inspection and local enquiry can often provide very useful information, such as marks left on trees or structures indicating the maximum flood level. Check List Appendix-4 gives a check list for the various surveys and investigation work involved in the preparation of a road project.

IRC SP 88_Road Safety Checklist

The longitudinal section should show the profiles of the proposed road, the general ground, and the existing road where applicable. For the procedure of setting curves, reference may be made to IRC: Areas irc sp 48-1998 valuable natural resource and wild life sanctionaries shall.

The irc sp 48-1998 of alignment of any road is generally not governed by the siting of cross-drainage structures except in case of major bridges of length more than 60 m. Locations where sand is loose and unstable should be avoided and the alignment selected along ridges having vegetation. Study of Available Information 1 3. In the case of existing roads, compare the cross-sectional elements with the existing widths. All the salient points will be included. Highway Research Board Publications 6.


The map may be to a scale of 1: At the time of execution, all construction lines will be set out and cht; eked with reference to the final centre line established during the final location survey.

IRC SP 48 1998 Hill Road Manual

The route should enable the ruling gradient to be attained in most of the length. The information should be transferred to the plan drawing ;s,: All aerial photography work requires clearance from the Ministry of Defence. The manual was approved by Highways Specifications and Standards Committee, Executive Committee and Council held at Jaipur of Indian Roads Congress in their meetings held on 1 0- 1and respectively.

Levels along the final centre line should be taken at all irc sp 48-1998 stations Refer sub-para 1 1. Irc sp 48-1998 table should also indicate special features of each structures like design HFL, deck level, waterway, etc. This circular is very exhaustive and covers basic steps and procedures for soil investigation, typical woriced out example for stability analysis of embankments, filter design, settlement analysis, etc.


For collection of tolls or fees for using a particular highway facility it is often necessary to construct suitable toll plazas on the highways. Where suitable kilns are not in operation, the survey should indicate the possibility of opening new kihis for the purpose.

IRC List of Codes | bala bala –

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. With increase in traffic roads require to be widened often leading to cutting of ti-ees on one or both sides of the road.

Marine clay are soft and compressible. Depending on the geological configuration and drainage of the area, slides may take the form of rock or soil fall i. For major trunk routes, the desirable and minimum forecast periods are 20 and 1 0 years, excluding the period of construction though occasionally an even shorter irc sp 48-1998 could be adopted depending on the policies of stage construction.

The transit stations should be marked by means of stakes and numbered in sequence. Granular and Bound Bases and Sub-Bases Click here to sign up.

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Environmental Design 27 9.