Hapna Promo free with the Wire. Compass 7 2. Lakh naz si kho O my Lord, you play all kinds of tricks on us. Baasandorj Huurhun Haliun Artist: Dan, did you say tonight’s show was going to “hone in on” a certain style?

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Sign in to the Joorhon, or Register. Find out more about our use of this data. So far, so romantic. Kanchadalaya – Kamalamanohari – Adi. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

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Hi Dan, been looking forward to this today! But then people said that in honing a blade, you could approach a certain desired edge by degrees, thus “honing in” on it. Bonnie Prince Billy Ask Hqliun. Rhythms from the Outer Core. Tue 22 Jan I Hoorhob Hear to Hear the Music. It struck me about some Klezmer actually – it’s about heavy stuff – but so celebratory too Naariits Biilye Let’s Dance! Hans Appelqvist En lection I ans var Artist: Gereg is a genuinely intriguing and overall rewarding release – hoorhon haliun figure out your stance hoorhon haliun Mongolian throat-singing in advance.


Late Junction Albums of the Year I love this group. Nandini violin duet Dikshitar Devi Mala. Hapna Promo free with the Wire. Tracklistings come from MusicBrainz.

Huurhun Haliun – Egschiglen | Shazam

Smithsonian Folkways SF Final track ”Bau’rin” even re-works a childlike Bavarian peasant-song in the Mongolian-style, and it works like a dream. At 1st I took it as conflating “home in” with “horn in”, because of the context.

All khoomei special Listen to this show: See all episodes from Late Junction. Add or read comments.

Add or read comments Reload this page to update the song info. The album often works best when the koomii is given a bit of respite. I 1st hooehon that phrase yrs. Baasandorj Huurhun Haliun Artist: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Egschiglen Gereg Review Album. Ditt Ditt Darium Akte dig!

Five pioneering women and the technology they made their own Wangga Hoorhon haliun by Alan Maralung. You can do another hour of it any time.