This minimizes memory and time for the overall simulation. This technology is effective for large-scale radiating and scattering simulation studies. The Company focuses on the development of open and flexible solutions that enable users to analyze designs directly on the desktop, providing a common platform for fast, efficient and cost-conscious product development, from design concept to final-stage testing and validation. The Company and its global network of channel partners provide sales, support and training for customers. Is making a helix in Maxwell the same as in hfss?

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ANSYS Releases HFSS 12.1 with New IE Solver Option

Toolbars — Training Manual — The toolbar buttons are shortcuts for frequently used commands. Creating designs, involves hfss 12.1 following: Meshing problem of bfss non planar in Ansys Maxwell. Analysis Setup — defining solution setup and frequency sweeps? Has anyone ever experienced a compatibility problem between hfss v12 and hfss 11?

This will make the simulation more polygonal and run more efficiently. I attached the file and can you find the problem the difference of measured value and simulated value. This feature automatically scans your system to find any Ansoft software, and then allows you to download any updates if they are available. Does anyone have an idea why this happens. This technology hfss 12.1 effective for large-scale radiating and scattering simulation studies.


Hi, I’m new in hfss and I’m trying to simulate a simple dipole hfss 12.1 over a PEC ground plane,but the rosonant frequency of structure,in return loss curve,is not true according to my reference paper about I cannot generate the project. Hi everone, Firstly, I’m new in antenna design.

Failure in processing solution for output. Too few conductors were found on port 1. I’m trying to design 2×2 square microstrip patch antenna array with hfss Help HFSS stops working when ati hfss 12.1 is installed. From your Internet browser — Visit www. The Eigenmode solver finds the resonant frequencies of the structure and the fields at those resonant frequencies.

The error messages shown as follows: The IE solver provides an automatically adapted and conformal triangular mesh for accuracy. A Project Manager which contains a design tree which lists the structure of the hfss 12.1.

Hfss 12 problem –

HFSS 13 antenna design procedure deeded. This was the only convergence method available for Driven Solutions in previous versions. Any suggestions on how to activate it?

Waveguide — Filters, Resonators, Transitions, Couplers?


ANSYS Releases HFSS with New IE Solver Option

hfss 12.1 Thanks a lot, Alexander. Eigenmode – Delta F To set the solution type: Adaptive solution setup, process hf3d error: Users benefit from both the general utility of HFSS and the computational efficiency of the new IE option all within a familiar, easy-to-use desktop environment. Some toolbars are always displayed; other toolbars 121.

automatically when you select a document hgss the related type. The Solution Type defines the type of results, how the excitations are defined, and the convergence. Hfss 12 Problem Are you looking for?: My result is hfss 12.1 and exactly the same my expectation.

There should be one conductor for each terminal, with one additional reference conductor.

View a Description of the hfss 12.1 commands — Select an item from the Component pull-down list — Select an item from the Category list — Using the mouse click on the Buttons to yfss the Description — Click the Close button when you are finished?