He also stated that another important strategy was ‘word of mouth’ from which the movie benefited a lot. It was never at one point over acting or underacting is what I loved the most about her performance. However, after seven years, things start to change for the worse. Sola ends up serving alongside his good friend Femi Ramsey Nouah and Mona Omoni Oboli , a woman with whom he’s powerfully infatuated. Guest appearance by Jide Kosoko speaking of whom I have to say I love how he picks his roles nowadays and he is not doing that Olu Jacobs thing of I must be in every other movie out of Nollywood.

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He reaches out to the body of Mona, he removes Sola’s ring from her finger and replaces it with his ring which he was always staring at earlier. You need to log figurine araromire or register in order to do this. However, the figurine returns again. Written by kunle Figurine araromire. The set later had to be created: This good fortune however unfortunately lasted for just seven years, after which everything deteriorated and became worse than it was seven years ago.

The Figurine is a aarromire see, it would start up a discussion in you before you join the one going on around figurine araromire. An Arbitration panel is constituted to find out the truth when the CEO of a company who has an affair with his employee is being sued and accused of raping her. Retrieved April 6,from Weekly Trust: Brown, Gideon Tanimonure, A. And above all, the figure is naked, because life itself is naked.


When araronire resumed, smaller generators were gotten. The Figruine was critically acclaimed.

An updated model for Nollywood? He further tells him that he used to date Mona who is on the contrary: Femi gets back from the NYSC only figurine araromire see his father hale and hearty.

A jewel is also held by the figurine which indicates some kind of magical powers. The lives of the two friends begin to change for good, as they become successful and wealthy businessmen. Retrieved 12 November Search ararojire ” The Figurine ” on Amazon. The film was figurin figurine araromire Lagos and Ada, Osun State for three months.

The Figurine (Araromire) | Nollywood REinvented

The Mirror Boy is a mystical journey through Africa, seen figutine the eyes of a 12 year old boy, Tijan. Figurine araromire the film was in production, photographs of scenes and locations were posted on the group page set up for The Figurine. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

While dancing at the figurine araromire with Linda, Femi gets an asthma attack again after so many years. There is an old folktale araromlre a goddess Araromire who asked a priest to invoke her spirit into a figurine carved out of the bark of a cursed tree.


It transcends both the ancient and the modern day.


We have heard of character driven movies and we have also heard of plot driven movies, well this movie felt like an art driven movie. She also figurine araromire that it may be the reason why her marriage with Sola has been so flawless, despite Figurine araromire having been a rascal and a Casanova back in school.

Retrieved 25 February Scientology and the Aftermath. He is also selected to go for a special training at his work place within just six months of his appointment. Reviews Shorts Web Series. She’s called in and she starts to make confessions revealing that She is being controlled by her brother, Femi. You are so… amazing. Africa Movie Academy Awards.