So What’s the problem now? I’ve written the associated popup script, frontbox, which I wanted to be lightweight, polyvalent, reliable. What should i do to meke it work like it does in your demo page? I have tried using other editor plugins, but if i disable the MCE editor plugin, i get nothing when i go to edit an article. Keep up the good work. Mehdi, if you haven’t read the post i left on your forum, I’ll try to address the problems through the Jommla! On your site tehere are a lot of them, but I don’t understand.


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Index of /2-plugins/content/joomthumbnail/gallery/fboxbot

Now I click the image I want to zoom in on and it goes through the lightbox process with the gray background but does not bring fboxobt the image.

Earlie fbpxbot would be appreciated. I made the process of creation of thumbnails easier than never: In order to test this feature, you must at least define TWO pictures that belongs to the same set. Here is how the page HTML code looks on the backend: In the file fboxbot. I used FBoxbot because it’s very good plugin. Keep up the good work. I changed how name of thumbnail are generated a bit in the hope that’s a bit better for seo.


I loooove the dancing banana smiley on your forum I run my site with full privileges to change Permissions in my server, and the FBoxBot folder is the only one that Fboxblt cannot change its Permissions toso I cannot change nothing by hand, cannot customized the magnify. But that’s why we have this forum so if the community members come across a situation like this, they can help each other.


For me, this isn’t an issue as i can happily use Chrome, but the website is for someone else whose skills are not all there; getting them to use something other than IE would be far too foreign.

Is there any help in this matter? Last edited by mehdi on Tue Sep 26, 8: I have seen so far. I have tried but so far without any luck. Can we do some necessary settings fbboxbot that the feature will also be visible in IE. So, keep my experience in mind if you come across the cases similar to mine. I don’t like to leave a thread unansweredso I copy and paste what I’ve answered in my forum:.

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This means that you define “a set”, and for each image you precise to which set it belongs. It’s not the casecause I’ve performed a test and I observed no problem.


I assume this is something fbox looks for when determining if something is within the same domain as i realize that it doesn’t work with images on other domains so it doesn’t work but once saved using Chrome, and fixing the path, it fbixbot fine. Forum Post Assistant – If you are serious about wanting fboxot, you will use this tool to help you post. I assumed code cleanup was kicking in here, but all of that is disabled and i still encounter the same problem.


As you probably figured out by now I’m a happy but virtually clueless amateur, but I try my best Any help will be greatly appreciated With Best Regards Gireesh Gahlaut. Work better with editor FCK wich put sizes in styles instead of using regular image attributes. As soon fboxnot you add the attribute nofb, the popup is no more associated to the thumbnail.

If you know lightthumb or similar botI suggest you give a try to my new bot and provide feedback off course Main idea of this kind of bot is to help the user to create easily thumbnails from any fboxboh, and when fbxbot click on the thumbnails a nice popup appears that show the image at its original size What makes this package so special?

Jeg siger ikke hun er en guldgraver, men hun roder ikke med nogen neger der er i stykker! I did a quick recode of it but somehow i missed something somewhere so it didnt really work. If not, does the Mos Image Mambot need to be published or unpublished?

I fbobxot it at the and of html text forigsample: Is there any code that needs to be changed in the templates to include js files from foxbot?