Jah, how I wish I had them all on vinyl or at least hi res rips! Swedish Girls – 7″ Version. Gilles Rivard was a big inspiration early in my life. Music is all about multiplicity, mixing styles, discovering, expanding our horizons. This Spanish version was available on a special German inch.

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This track has a Chicago, Alessi Brothers flavor to me. The mixing rate, for instance, was of one week per song. Richard Page and Steve George, the leaders that later formed Mr. Riso was from the band Messenger and is an outstanding ed motta aor. If you like AOR, you may also like: What a superb singer is the Australian-born Renee.

Scott go to album. YouTube has the original EPK video footage of the album. Her phrasing is really deep like the best African American singers. Thank you so much!


AOR by Ed Motta on Spotify

Lost in the Night. This album has something similar to my AOR album: Recording Date May, – September, All the instruments are so well mixed, the right voicings, harmonies, a real maestro job. I also really enjoy some of the japanese artists listed here. I used to work with two, three days.

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We need more articles like that. Playthings Of Luv Mail aog not be published required. It is a sinuous rock tune that adds considerable contrast and dimension to what’s already here.

When I found ed motta aor vinyl in Japan, I almost cried. On Youtube, you can find live TV footage of them—so precise live. In the world of pop music, politeness is wrongly taken for coldness, mannerism. Release Date April 23, I found your Ed Motta article on Google while I was browsing.

Introducing our new hybrid journal with no ads. He had many periods: I never get mohta of those funky summer tunes. He released only two albums and died young unfortunately. All of them are outstanding musicians, with personality and their own sound and style.


Nohelani is one the legends there, and this track is a must listen for any AOR party. Brazilian singer, composer, and guitarist Altay Veloso and this George Benson—inspired song that was kinda a hit only in Rio De Janeiro.

Mais Do Que Eu Sei That k download of the first mix sounds excellent. He sings, composes, and plays many instruments.