The best part is it’s not enuogh to make them fall completely out of play but they’ll be way less braindead of a pick. Plus, since their turn rates are reduced, if you’re already turned around then you probably won’t be able to do it fast enough even if you do manage to see the spell coming. Naix is press your spells and run at supports level of skill. And why did Team A in CM retain both 1st overall pick and last overall pick? Shot a mortar bomb that explodes at impact causing fire the ground for a moment. If we get a double hero patch next week I’m gonna watch your account closely.

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Why don’t people look for counters? This patch will force teams to try more new things. Now he nerfed it again, and here we go. I think people are really underestimating the power of those consecutive picks in the first round and the first pick after the bans.

I think he’s no longer an vota carry in most games I’d still like to see him improved for late game, though. I hope he wasn’t serious.

Dota Ai 6.78c Download

This was Icefrog’s way to balancing it. So overall a nice update, even if it’s sad for those of us maap play those heroes. Nevermore – Increase souls 80 Midas – decrease cooldown 60 add new heroes fix Traxex Thx: Are you daamn stupid? And you can’t chip away at either because they heal back up.


Such a fun hero, all over the map. It was pretty entertaining though. Could you elaborate a bit? Right now it’s an instant lane-win. And restrict rhasta and lion to guinsoo. Not the passive damage ability like Traxexs’ marksmenship. Treant still didn’t autowin if the player refused to cast Living Armor on anyone but himself. Bob Reduce Skeleton’s KIng ulty cd? A earlier game item g that someone interacts with one of latext kills without making it latrst complicated.

He can still be annoying to lane against, but not an automatic win anymore. Because the idea behind Morphling is awesome. I feel like the biggest thing that needs to happen to nyx is to reduce the 2. I personally like dota latest map 6.78 lot of them: And ban the map hack cheat, remove it, give us new hero the grunt and hero that can heal towerzzzzz, plz icefrog: Clever but simple Treant nerf. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


It’s not just knowledge though. The treant one is huge. I think this game was an example of taking advantage of a line-up’s weaknesses, and some poor time management from the Chen player. He was top pick in the Chinese scene for quite some time. Firefly isn’t enough latets kill the Satyr camp, and the healer camp does well against it too.

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Heck, they can even purposedly turn to Medusa if they see a spell coming in, wasting it for you. Then whenever you pressed the button again it would fly after that person. Lycan was first pick and first ban material for like an entire dota latest map 6.78. The heroes in the top tier needed a slight nerf just to make room for other heroes in the meta, because since the initial nerfs were so weak, most of the meta save magnus and nyx, still remained the same.