Next, we can map elements with different names in the two XML Schemas by manually connecting the pointer arrows between them. If you are using Git https: Comparisons can be done dynamically as you edit. The application can be integrated with any source control system which provides the possibility to set up a path to the DiffDog executable. DiffDog lets you compare and merge database structures or table contents, whether they are the same database type or different databases.

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Open the Git shell and enter the command git difftool –tool-helpas shown below. If a file is modified outside DiffDog while it is open in a File Comparison window, DiffDog can watch for changes and reload the diffdog if required.

Now we can select the input folder in the XMLSpy Project helper window and transform all the files in it with the single-keystroke F10 shortcut.

Quick compare diffdog compares files by size and date only, Text comparison mode compares actual textual content of files difdog each directory, XML comparison mode compares actual file content diffdog XML-aware intelligence, dkffdog Binary comparison mode for non-text files such as EXEs, MP3s, JPGs, etc. The configuration instructions below were tested for Git 1. This enables corresponding differences always to be displayed simultaneously.

DiffDog lets you generate a fully editable MapForce mapping file between the schemas for more complex mappings that require data processing functions. You can choose diffdog compare individual tables, groups of tables, or entire database schemas.

For example, equal directories and files can be hidden, and only non-equal folders and files shown. Your personalized evaluation keycode unlocks the software, and all features are fully enabled for 30 days. Under External diff toolclick Choose and select the path to the DiffDog executable for example, C: This site is not directly affiliated with Altova, Inc. Documents are opened separately diffdog the left and right pane by clicking the Open button in the respective toolbar or choosing a previously compared document from the drop-down list box.


Comparison works differently for tables, as opposed to views, functions, or stored procedures. Database schema comparison A database schema comparison enables you to compare objects of two different database schemas, in terms of their structure or size.

You diffdog selectively move files into target diffdog or sync entire directories diffdog a single step. After you have compared a file pair, files diffdog be edited and saved directly within File Comparison windows and you can specify whether and how backups of files you edit should be kept.

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To configure DiffDog as differencing tool in the Git graphical user interface: Diffdog the Git diffdog user interface, you can now use the External diff command to view in DiffDog the changes between two Git commits. The root elements of the two XML Schemas are automatically connected.

This feature diffdog designed to rescue XML developers from the tedious tasks of writing and debugging XSL transformations by hand. For diffdog information, see Comparing Database Schemas. Ditfdog to uninstall Altova DiffDog? The root elements diffeog both sides are mapped and DiffDog tries to find and map corresponding child elements. Software Release r2sp1 r2 sp1 r3sp1 r3 sp2 sp1 r2sp1 r2 sp1 r4sp1 r4 r3sp1 r3 sp2 sp1 r2sp1 r2 sp1 r2sp2 r2sp1 r2 sp1 r2sp1 r2 sp1 r3sp1 r3 r2sp1 r2 sp1 r3sp1 r3 r2 sp1 r2 sp1 r3 diffdog r3 sp2 sp1.

DiffDog can create diff reports for all comparisons of text-based files, including source code files. In this example most of the changes to the version of the XML Schema on the right simply give elements new names that will be more clear when the XML Diffdog and its data diffdog are distributed through our enterprise.


The objects to be compared can either belong to the same database, or dicfdog in two different databases. This post diffdog a look at an example scenario for this feature.

In addition to DiffDog, the Altova MissionKit download will provide you with the optimal evaluation experience, since it contains diffdog entire line of Altova developer tools. You can also synchronize the directories, that is, copy all missing or updated files from one directory to the other or delete unneeded files. You can define filters to specify what file types to compare and what file types to ignore in a directory comparison. diffdog

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Fleshing out a diffdog — but typical — real-world example quickly highlighted additional tasks easily completed diffdog taking advantage of tight diffdog with XMLSpy and MapForce. The view of the compared directories can diffdog configured on the basis of the comparison results.

Of course we could also select Compare XML Schemas from the right click context menu, diffddog choose Start Comparison from the Djffdog and Merge menu, or press the F5 keyboard shortcut — DiffDog gives you many options to perform the same task, so you can work the way you like.

This enables you to carry out large-scale changes easily diffdoy example, inserting a column would insert the node represented by the column in all the nodes represented by the rows of the grid. The application can be integrated with any source control system diffdog provides the possibility to set up a path to the DiffDog executable.