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clo3d trial

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Behance :: Work Experience

This 3d modeling software has modules for supporting options required by this business such as the various size of clothes, shapes, new brands, colors, etc. I would like to know more about my company’s leads and lead packages. Trusted by more than 5 Million users across the globe.

Step 2 Verification by SoftwareSuggest. Out of complex 2D patterns I created 3D constructs that looked real from the inside and out, and my fashion design background was invaluable when working on high-end products that required very precise methods of assembly. Trusted by more than 5 Million global users.

Once you are signed in you’ll be able to: October – June Spain. I have talent and dedication, a persistence that’s gotten me far, and determination to deliver the best content I can. Just one step away from selecting the right software. There I gained an in-depth knowledge of multiple software programs for 3D virtual prototyping of clothing, cutting edge scanner systems, and the ever-changing requirements of a research group.


It’s a challenge, and I’m enjoying every step of the way!

clo3d trial

Help us better understand your business requirements Trusted by more than 5 million users across the globe. I continued to participate in each new trial and support the new Trial Coordinator.


Looking for more options? My disposition tends to be cheery, my favorite color is yellow, and I’m a self-professed optimist, but I’m neither absent-minded nor frivolous. Clo3d is a 3d design software that helps fashion and garments business. Cookies Policy This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Pricing close Thank clo3x for the enquiry.

With Assyst, Triap, Autodesk Maya and Vred as well as diverse scanner systems and Adobe Photoshop, my work is diverse and fascinating, the fashion side of it guaranteeing constant turnover and new requirements. Company Details Company Name: Get Quote close Thank you for the enquiry. Step 3 Verified Profile.

Thank you for the enquiry. This included organizing the accessories and participants needed for the trial, writing up consent forms and keeping human data secure, running a cutting-edge room-sized 3D scanner and later a motion capture system, then processing the data from the trials.


Just one step away from selecting the right software Trusted by more than 5 million users across the globe. Post Buy Requirement close Thank clo3s for the enquiry.

clo3d trial

At only 24 years of age, I may be young – but my skills definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. Sign in with LinkedIn. Sign Up With Email. Get personalised recommendations Rate softwares Write reviews.

CLO 3D Fashion

We worked also on traditional dances such as clk3d Blackbird and put on a showcase in June of with a selection of traditional, competitive, and show dances.

Work Experience HUGO BOSS 3D Artist Bringing my knowledge of apparel and art together, I create realistic 3D constructs based on the 2D patterns used for production, then use a variety of programs to finetune the 3D mesh into images that appear as realistic and polished as a professional photoshoot.

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clo3d trial