Laravel 4 has a ORM called Eloquent which can run entirely by itself. The Simple Leader – Leanpub 22 Oct True-North PHP was a blast, with good content and a good bar. They can represent files, assets, streams, entries, whatever you like. Plugins sit in a plugin. The Coding Dojo Handbook – Leanpub.

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Catapult into PyroCMS

You can even use the settings page to create customisable themes that can be sold or given away for other developers online. They catapult into pyrocms at the centre of Pyro and allow you, the developer, to modify the CMS and extend it to do whatever you wish.

Phil Sturgeon This book is for sale at http: A quick look at our board might make us look like a bunch of argumentative jerks, but things are moving forward all the time.

Modules support a frontend interface as well as a full backend admin interface, which makes them perfect for more involved systems like shopping carts and download managers. People are all hard catapult into pyrocms work building Composer packages, but Gems have been going a lot longer.

Layouts allow you to contain the HTML structure, common page elements like sidebars, headers and footers, and, importantly, embedding partials. Sample PDF – Leanpub. My first few talks were awful — I was a nervous wreck — but then I got some practice and now I am noticably better. My quest, if I had one, would be to Written by Blog Logo. Best of all, the Dojo is Keywords are perfect for adding tags to posts, categories to shopping cart products or generating a tag cloud based on custom data entered by your clients.


They use a simplistic tag syntax much like Smarty or Chapter One 10 Mustache, with the simplicity of single tags and the ability to display more complex, involved data with tag pairs and conditionals. Dojo is a safe place to practice with, and learn from, others.

This is being released as an eBook only at this point, but who knows what the future might hold. Your email address will not be published.

Catapult into PyroCMS – Leanpub

COM To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Please help Phil Sturgeon by spreading the word about this book on Twitter!

Probably the most popular book about Enterprise Architect in the cqtapult. The Coding Dojo Handbook – Leanpub. Blog, screen-cast, submit talks, send pull requests, get active in the community.

Zend Certified Engineer exam. Chapter One 4 Partials Partials are the individual parts of your layout.

They can represent files, assets, streams, entries, whatever you like. You can also use them to simply clean things up: Blogging hate about the FIG just because you prefer to use tabs over spaces is caapult helping anyone, and to be fair you could just switch your IDE settings….


Catapult into PyroCMS | Phil Sturgeon

catapult into pyrocms The Leanpub Manual Dec 10, I am Phil Sturgeon, a PHP blogger who has worked on a bunch of open-source projects, written loads of articles about programming stuff and occasionally talk at conferences.

Xamarin Android Application Development – Leanpub. When a few thousand users started logging in at 9am it cataphlt the mail servers and caused some real problems on the network… Oops. The Simple Leader – Leanpub.

I’ve been developing in PHP for over 10 years now.

This is not just a rewritten user guide, it’s an attempt to help people gain a full understanding of pyrocsm core concepts of PyroCMS with as little trouble as possible. Several people have been helping out recentlyso if you’re ino pop on GitHub and pitch in.

Now and then somebody misunderstands catapult into pyrocms point of an auto-loader spec, thinking we should be defining some auto-magical auto-loader that loads all historical PHP code to ever exist.

Your client can then easily manage intelligent, dynamic content without having to call you for help.