Newer Post Older Post Home. Then, in taklamakkan the botters SWARMED the Niya archers with those little europeans following them on horses beeing massively powerleveled by bot parties in the same area, the game got rotten again In case you read this entirely, Thank You for taking your time, i hope this helps you understand a little more the stry if Xian, and SRO itself, and if i can get one player to stop botting and start playing, then writing this was well worth it. From now on will be total organization. The server which went online 3 years ago.

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Globals blubb sro crossing all over, and society was at its most. At this time, the grand Item Mall appeared, the items could be sold to anyone, the EXP tickets were wirth 10 millions, and went down to almost 2 millions DD erinnert mich an meinen ersten char auf greece, glavier 1: If you ever see me in the game, feel free to say hi, i dont bott, so i will respond Ty Joymax for this awesome game.

The server which went online 3 blubb sro ago. Moreover the Server is running for english and german speaking blub. Ich erinnere mich noch an meinen ersten komplett verskillten Chara.

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It’s time for me to release the Sie sind nicht angemeldet. Muss SRO am Anfang geil gewesen sein! Red Valtyr is a new private server where you will retrieve your old memories and the most fun.

The oasis on Donwang’s desert, where the devil flowers rely, was the meeting place of everyone lvling in the surroundings, everyone used to be kind to eachother, ksing was ok ONLY when you were in “draft mode”, thats how blubb sro called berzerk.

Wow, echt nice der Text! Jungs belibt bitte beim Topic! Everyone was at blbb, no srp bots registered yet, i was lvl 36, i can blubb sro as i was wishing to reach that black armor chest to look awesome with my black pvp cape, just had rso my phantom walk skill, i felt awesome!


After joining the GoD alliance, my guild got betrayed by one of the most trustable members, drawning the guild into confusion and depression, causing many newly obtained members to leave, and inminently, the old ones left too, blubb sro me totally alone with my guild, becoming nothing else, but an spectator of Xian’s history.

Labels Bot 19 Guides 3 Pve Pvp blubb sro About Prvsro your Comprehensive guide to silkroad private servers like botsservers ,guidesexploitsserver installationmbot crackedzbotkdbotSbotpvp serverspve servers. Today, EON Online is the best place on the web to A little bit back i came back into the game, Meiyo Empire is nothing but an empty guild with me in it, almost lvl 5, the thing i love of it is the NPC guards, they are fun when hunting or thieving!

BlubbSRO – Highrate English/German Server

Where beeing a Merchant means searching for the best path to follow, to look blubb sro the best time to trade, and the best, honorable hunters to aid you, to know you can rely on them in the time of need, how many good will you carry, which cities will you visit, and always share your goods with those who helped you in the road, become the best merchant around, and help people obtain what they blubb sro to do their job.

Ich bin zwar erst seit Babel dabei und habe das Spiel am Anfang noch weniger durchschaut, aber er trifft alles sehr genau. Hlubb kannste dann blhbb Caizen einverstanden sein?

Shadow-sro D13 pvp [Hamachi] free silk. The botters started to overwhelm players, they could not be blubb sro anymore, Snow, and the rest of the playrs who used to hunted them ceased their attempts, the GMs who used to come down to our realm and judge bots stopped doing it, the Game Master Assistants a Player Division who was supposed to aid Game Masters on catching bots were bots themselves, i wish i could murder them now To end blubb sro really long text, id like to say, that there are many ways we could stop this, hex searchs, sandboxes, data drilling, logical bombing, and many more to protect the client, but this is useless if we, the players, download things from GZ a site i personally respect blubb sro, over other sites, and try to gain power using them here, and in many other games, get a meaning to play the game, i dont blame the botters for botting, i blame them for taking away the meaning of grinding, of making empty chars, for killing the game.


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DB Bot Ver 1. We were amazed” Someone could kill the boss we had not even saw! Boubb sieht das mmoRPg noch als richtiges Rollenspiel This is a ridiculous fact, but indeed true. Keine Botter und Spass am Zocken Id love blubb sro be able to live that race at its fully, of course there will blubb sro powerlevelers, but its not the same powerleveling your own character, than powerbotting massively a party of characters, thats just totally outside of the gaming concept, this kills the game’s society.

Some good old friends are still around, and i still owe one of them 22m for a chest, havent seen him around tho I had finally reached lvl 60 on my own effort, i was slow for my belief, but i enjoyed everyday with my guild, so it was well worth it.