To the Greeks, the idea of writing itself was relatively new. Not Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: Anne Cason is a genius and a savant at communicating he genious,. Is this what Sappho is doing in fragment 31? Just as letters have edges and and just as written language defines and sculpts sound into physical forms, so the acts of reading and writing give shape to our consciousness.

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If you’ve ever wondered if your lover was playing a “game,” read this book to understand the impossibility and awesome responsibility for wanting what you want, denying it so you can eventually enjoy it, and where honesty truly lies.

He exists because certain boundaries do.

Eros the Bittersweet Summary & Study Guide

This section contains words approx. The fact that eros operates by means of an analogous act of imagination will soon be seen crson be the most astounding thing about eros. Archilochos steps off the edge of that fact into extreme solitude. Maneuvers of triangulation disclose him. Not Enabled Word Wise: Perhaps eros and every shade of its meaning from Sappho to the present, perhaps even more. Lurking here is also the unargued and by no means self-evident premise that is “culture”.

Eros the Bittersweet Summary & Study Guide

The evidence for this kind of thing is never sufficient to support the vastness of the claim being made. Consider whether this is what you desire, whether it would satisfy you to obtain this.


As such, she employs her knowledge of the structure and purpose tue, in particular, the Socratic dialogues and Greek lyric poetry to analyze the nature of love and the deep connection between love and linguistic devices like metaphors. If you reach into the Phaedrus to get hold of Eros, you will be eluded, necessarily. They began reaching for something else.

Carson is also a classics scholar, the translator of If Not, Winter: She does the same for Sappho, as well as others, but keeps her focus narrowed on the question of why we love to fall in love. If we follow the trajectory of eros we consistently find it tracing out this same route: But it gets stale.


Jul 08, Grace Hobbs rated it it was amazing. Carson may not be Sappho, yet. Because this book, so thick with Carson’s immense knowledge of classical literature, is also incredibly romantic. There is something like an electrification in them. On the one hand, wordplay is fun, but on the other it has the ability to blur conceptual edges in meaningful and interesting ways. She uses the written message aspect of the tale to highlight its paradoxical anne carson eros the bittersweet Homer’s orality, Bellerophon’s disinterest in the content of the message and of course the eros that it revolves around.

It’s probably obvious to other people, but it was a revelation anne carson eros the bittersweet me to think of written language as giving shape and form to what normally passes as a stream of sound: Like eros, puns flout the edges of things.


I’m also not going to quote any sections about Greek novels I must profess a slight distaste for the genre! There is something irresistible in that.

I don’t understand love. This book, via a discussion of Sappho and other figures, proves a stunning, trans-textual analysis of variations on the constructions of amorous triangulation, whether that which is seen between three people entangled, viewers and lovers, or those triangulations created by either physical distance or prose via correspondence.

Eros the Bittersweet | Dalkey Archive Press

In one of her chapters Anne Carson writes, “Imagine a city where there is no desire. Carson brings the ancient world of ideas vividly to life. What does this tell us? If I wanted a scholarly analysis of Sappho, of The PhaedrusGreek culture, or any other of the countless topics Carson alights upon throughout Eros I’m sure I could find one, two, or many more more carefully researched, argued, and meticulously footnoted. Think about what that feels like.

The insights presented in the volume are many and wide-ranging, recognizably in tune with the subtlest modern discussions of desire such as triangulation.