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fabrics, you neither have to own a sewing machine nor know how to use a needle to still be absolutely amazed. Parc du Karreveld, Brussels, Belgium. Nobody needs this much green space in a city, and certainly not the ecological diversity that accompanies. Youd be better off staying at home, really. Mural Courtesy of Paulina Gono add to wishlist Visit Tour and Taxis The former warehouse complex hosts many cultural events such as the contemporary music festival Couleur Café or the Brussels Design Market. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the taste, and the price.


Ultimate Jerk Off Encouragement (Leico). 86c Avenue du Port, 1000 Brussels, Belgium The Tour Taxis building Torsade de Pointes/WikiCommons add to wishlist Admire the architecture at Saint John the Baptist Church This Art Deco-style church was built in 1930s by the Belgian architect Joseph Diongre, who also designed the Maison. Anyone with an inkling of aesthetic appreciation should stay far away from the Art Deco Saint John the Baptist Church in Molenbeek. Address: 86c Avenue du Port, 1000 Brussels, Belgium add to wishlist, dinner and a show at Café de la Rue. To find out more about, molenbeek-Saint-Jean, make sure to: Check out, molenbeek-Saint-Jean in key figures (FR a selection of indicators that paint a statistical picture of this municipality. Check out what is on via.

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Nothing is black and white, and neither is Molenbeek. But you do not have to get married to enjoy its beautiful architecture and the surrounding park and small lake situated in front. Address: 2a Rue Mommaerts, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Brussels, Belgium add to wishlist Cité Diongre Back at the turn of the century, Englishman Ebenezer Howard developed the concept of the garden city, in which people could live harmoniously together with nature. And as we mentioned before, learning new things is of no benefit to anybody. More Info add to wishlist, tour Taxis, the sprawling. The work is called. Organised by theme and presented in the form of tables, you will find the most recent figures in one column and the figures on the situation as it stood five years earlier in the other column. Whatever you have read about this neighborhood, forget it and lets discover other shades. Address: 32 Avenue Jean de la Hoese, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Brussels, Belgium, a cow grazing in the Scheutbos Jan Arkesteijn/WikiCommons add to wishlist, scheutbos. It is bordered by the City of Brussels (Laeken Jette, Koekelberg and Berchem-Sainte-Agathe to the north, by the canal and the centre of the City of Brussels to the east, by Anderlecht to the south and by Dilbeek (Flemish Region) to the west.

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We advise you to stick to the Rue des Bouchers instead. Its permanent exhibition features the economic, social, and political changes that occurred as Belgium moved from an agrarian to an industrial society. Spanning over six hectares, this isnt just a park, its overkill. Café de la Rue is over thirty years old, and has a unique dinner and a show combo involving acts from comedians to musicians, which hostess Marie-Noëlle presides over with warmth and skill. The building of The Brussels Museum of Industry and Labour is the former headquarters of a major foundry. The Tour Taxis building Torsade coach rencontre kristel mayrand fréjus de Pointes/WikiCommons. The church walls are built of reinforced concrete and thanks to modern techniques, it was built in record time 15 months. 27 Rue Ransfort, Brussels, Belgium, la Fonderie, Brussels Museum Nearemptiness/WikiCommons, relax in Scheutbos Park add to wishlist. Designed by the insignificant architect Joseph Diongre, the interior of the church feels like being in a giant whales belly and that definitely isnt anyones idea of a good time. Karreveld Castle also serves as a host to many community events including exhibitions, Festival Bruxellons!, and the Christmas market, and private events such as weddings.

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